Sectors We Work In

Thanks to over 45 years of experience, CGM has developed solid expertise in proposing solutions that often go beyond conservative technological models. The company always proposes interesting technical solutions to its clients that will improve their competitiveness.

Our engineering service is fully integrated with our client development chain. In this way, both the decision-making chain and design timeline are shortened. As well, our design process is supported by in-house services, such as process simulation, structural analysis, rapid prototyping, CNC prototyping and metal sintering.

Integrated Design

CGM offers a cutting-edge engineering service that integrates all our technicians into the development chain of every client, generating effective shared solutions and saving time and costs.


We have been developing “applied solutions” for over 45 years and have often surpassed the limits imposed by technical standards and technological barriers, obtaining results that exceed client expectations and creating new possibilities in the design and manufacture of plastic parts. We can design both individual parts and kinematic complexes, thanks to our advanced systems for calculating static and dynamic loads and for simulating transformation processes.


We specialise in the integration of metals and plastics for the designing of moulds and tools for manual and automated assembly. We also provide rapid prototyping and CNC samplings.

Programme Manager

CGM has a multilingual programme manager that follows clients from product development to start of production.


This strategic activity allows us to provide solutions that improve supply chains and shorten project timelines. Each client has an in-house liaison that is always available and updated on the status of their project and related reports.

Full Assistance

CGM is a global partner and offers its clients access to a world of all-inclusive technology. The company’s in-house workshop specialises in the integrated design and construction of moulds and manages the building of automations or jigs for part assemblies.


As primary contractor, we supply both individual moulded parts and complex finished, tested modules, along with the complementary services of ultrasound and high-frequency welding. Our logistics service is very flexible regarding the packaging and delivery needs of clients. All our processes are meticulously and effectively validated to guarantee the maximum quality of outgoing products.

Business Strategy

CGM provides a special service based on a clear and total understanding of client objectives.


Through the sharing of technical and economic objectives and expectations, we can transform an idea into a well-performing, innovative, effective and competitive project, while carefully and diligently protecting our clients’ secrets.